DevOps - System Operations

Have your own coding team, but don't want the burden of managingDeployments? We’ve got you covered:

  • Continuous Integration (Jenkins CI)
  • Docker Containers
  • Kubernetes & Helm Cluster Management
  • Scripted Automations (Ansible, Bash Scripting, etc)
  • VMware Virtual Machines

Automated and Human-Guided Deployments of Developer's Code fromDevelopment, Staging, to Production

Backup Software Download

Lalee Consulting's Backup Suite enables your Laptop, Server, or Linux Cloud Server to back its data up to multiple storage repositories within the same backup session.

Using our HYBRID BACKUP mode, back your data up to local NAS devices first, and then make a secondary backup on Lalee Consulting's Cloud Storage platform.

Lalee Consulting Backup (Windows Edition)
Lalee Consulting Backup (Linux - RedHat/CentOS/Fedora Edition)

Some of our other cloud spaces to be published in the near future:

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