Data Backups & Recovery

Are you confident in your backup solution?

Does your in-house team regularly schedule tests to ensure the backed-up data can be restored in a minimal amount of time? 

We can help!

Our line of Laptop and Server Backup solutions can quickly and reliably back up your data to a nearby Network Storage device. The most critical files and folders can also be configured to also back up to Cloud Storage as a secondary line of defense. Data Recovery within our Backup solution will pull from either repository, depending on which availability and network speed.

Do you suspect a failing hard drive? Bring it into our shop for a quick analysis to see if a data-recovery session is necessary. We have the tools to recovery most hard drives, as long as the drive's on-board circuitry is responding to commands.

Backup Software Download

Lalee Consulting's Backup Suite enables your Laptop, Server, or Linux Cloud Server to back its data up to multiple storage repositories within the same backup session.

Using our HYBRID BACKUP mode, back your data up to local NAS devices first, and then make a secondary backup on Lalee Consulting's Cloud Storage platform.

Lalee Cloud Backup (Windows Edition)

Lalee Cloud Backup (Mac Version)

Lalee Cloud Backup (Fedora/RedHat Linux Version)

Lalee Cloud Backup (Ubuntu Linux Version)

Some of our other cloud spaces to be published in the near future:

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